About SmartEMS

Smart EMS is a specialized IT company that has been developing and selling emergency medical
software for more than 15 years, saving thousands of lives every day.

Our developers in New York managed to create a product that is the best alternative to the 911
service. Thanks to the optimal number of modules, the system is a universal connecting platform
for all participants.

We cannot prevent an emergency,
but we can be on time to save lives

The continuous connection between medical offices, dispatchers, drivers and clients, which works
24/7, makes our clients confident that the ambulance will arrive on time.
Pursuing a noble cause, improving medical care, our company was able to create a very reliable
product thanks to the achievement of high levels of product availability, reduced customer service
costs, and optimal software functionality.

But the most important indicator of the performance of our product will always be the confidence
of our customers in quality medical care.

The SmartEMS Team

The proprietary SmartEMS emergency response service app was created
by medical professionals who saw the need for a more efficient way
to help patients in the event of an emergency.

This project is backed by an amazing team of medical app developers and months
of research into the psyche of seniors, as well as those who may be taking care of
them to make sure that the app and the service will meet and exceed their needs

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Rosa Antolini Brooklyn, NY

Rosa Antolini

Recently when I slipped in the shower and hurt my hip,
I just had to click get an ambulance and SmartEMS
responders where on their way. The responders were very
friendly and patient and the app notified my kids so
I could have their support while I was in the hospital

Carey Smith Queens, NY

Carey Smith

My mom wanted to live at home independently, and I
wanted to make sure she would be safe. So I
downloaded the SmartEMS app, set up her profile
with her and added my contact info. Now I feel better
knowing she will get the best care when she needs it