Frequently Asked Questions

Who responds to my call?

A NYS DOH certified private Ambulance company will dispatch a
vehicle with NYS DOH certified EMT'S or Paramedics.

Can I choose the hospital I want to be taken to?

The Ambulance crew that arrives will determine the status of the
patient. As long as the patient can be transported safely to their
hospital of choice the crew will do so

When will the Ambulance arrive?

The app will update you with an estimated time of Arrival (ETA). The
units are stationed throughout NYC to enable an immediate response

Who is behind SmartEMS?

SmartEMS was developed by Ambulance companies who's
professionals who have decades of experience in the EMS field

What kind of device must I have to use
the SmartEMS app?

Any Apple or Android device that has the ability to download
from the App store

How do I contact an Ambulance?

By pressing the red button on the App that reads "Get
an Ambulance Now "