Privacy Policy

Smart EMS uses of information

Smart EMS uses this information to enable us to provide
Emergency Medical Services to provide an appropriate
Ambulance response in the event of an emergency. In order to
provide these services we need you to provide pertinent relevant
information, which allows us to dispatch an Ambulance with
the proper NYS REMSCO protocol. During registration you may
choose not to enter the non-required fields which would allow
us to respond regardless. However, the more fields that are
filled out the more accurate and efficient treatment can be
provided. You can also choose to block your location in the
settings on your phone; however we will not be able to respond
to an emergency unless you manually pride the information at
the time you place the call. Smart EMS does not utilize its app
for advertising through mobile technologies using cookies or
the likes; the app is used for the sole purpose of responding to
medical emergencies.

Security & Privacy

Smart EMS app and software utilize top rated internet security
companies to ensure that all data is protected from internet
piracy. Comodo Security is a leader in the industry and has been
providing SSL licensed security on all hardware and software
of the SmartEMS platform.


When you sign up in the Smart EMS app or on the website you
agree to share private information that include one or more
of the following:

  • Personal Demographics
  • Insurance information
  • Social Security numbers
  • Medical History
  • Current Medical condition
  • Location Information

Data Storage

Smart EMS stores the data of it’s registered clients. We also
store the data of responses to emergencies and the patients
we treat. This data collection can be gathered from the website,
mobile app and/or SmartEMS CAD Dispatch systems.
The CAD system is inclusive of computer system and VOIP
telecommunication software. Smart EMS follows all HIPPA
regulations and requirements and does not share any patient
information without the consent of our clients. The sharing of
Data for the purpose of continuity of patient care is in
accordance with HIPPA and other relevant governing agencies.